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Irrigation & Drainage

Irrigation & Drainage

There is a common misconception that there’s no need for irrigation in the Shreveport area because of the large volume of rain every year. The response is simple; a sprinkler system works with the natural rainfall to regulate the amount of water your landscape is receiving. This “regulating” is important especially in the summer and early fall months when rainfall is less frequent. A properly installed irrigation system can also help reduce water usage while maintaining a healthy lawn.

We enjoy building relationships with our customers, unlike many in our industry, after an installation job you may never hear from them again. After an installation you can always email us or call us anytime with your questions, you will not be bothering us, we are happy to answer your inquiries.


Irrigation and sprinkler systems are vital in the overall health and quality of your landscape. Proper application, coverage, rate, and duration are imperative for getting the most out of your irrigation and sprinkler system. A common issue in the south is dry spot across lawns as a result of a variety of factors. Precision Scapes can help resolve these issues.

Precision Scapes can:

  • Troubleshoot
  • Repair
  • Maintain
  • Install
  • Provide an even pattern of coverage
  • and More!


Proper drainage is key to maintaining a healthy landscape while preventing foundation problems. Precision Scapes has the necessary tools and knowledge to solve drainage issues. There can be many components to a good functional drainage system. French drainage is a key part in this system because all the pipes you can buy are all useless if they have nowhere to discharge the water they carry. In a lot of cases a foundation drain and French drains are all that’s needed, but many times you need to add dry wells, catch basins, or channel drains to help with quantities of water. We offer years of experience in many types of drainage systems and are always ready to help you find the drainage solution to your water problems.

We can help with:

  • Preventing water from getting into your home
  • Preventing standing water around your foundation
  • Designing a professional drainage system to meet your drainage needs
  • and More!


Protect your investment by properly winterizing your sprinkler system. It is important to remember that it’s less costly and much less labor intensive to properly and efficiently prepare the system in the fall than to make repairs to damaged fittings, piping, valves, sprinkler heads and other components in the middle of winter or in the spring. If your sprinkler system was properly design and installed, winterizing the irrigation system should be easy and simple. 

Find the information you need? Then fill out our Free Estimate form and one of our experts will contact you to discuss your lawn care needs. Still have questions? Feel free to Contact Us. We are always happy to answer any concerns you may have. For Fastest Service, give Precision Scapes a call at 318-560-9020


At Precision Scapes, your satisfaction is our highest priority. We want our clients to be 100% satisfied with every project and service call that we make to their property.

To ensure this level of satisfaction, we offer a bold guarantee. If you are ever not 100% Satisfied with our work, simply contact us and we will make it right Free of Charge. That’s how sure we are that you will love the work we do.

Happy Customers

We work with clients large and small.
Whether you are a residential customer who needs a weekly lawn mowing, or a commercial client who needs regular maintenance. We have you covered!


Shirley Olivieri-Mathies

"I met William Russ, Owner of this company, at the local YMCA. ... Despite having multiple jobs in the works, he sent over a member of his crew several hours a day over the past week to help get everything done on my list. If something wasn't done as l expected, he had it redone to my satisfaction. When any of my garden tools were used, they were picked up & put back in one spot after use. I can't say enough about how thorough & helpful his crew members have been. I'd recommend them to anyone wanting quality yard/garden services."


James Moore

"Precision Scapes designed a great landscaping plan which meets our needs and is very attractive. The crew worked hard and got the work accomplished in a timely manner. They were very pleasant to work with."


Jon Karnes

"Our house looked so drab out here in the country. ... So we had Precision completely redo all the landscaping at my home based on a recommendation of a family member. They removed all the old beds and plantings. Designed all new beds that really complimented our property perfectly. Before we got started they came out and took measurements and gave me a drawing (to scale) of all the new beds and planting’s along with their estimate. They showed up when they said they would and finished when they said they would. The only surprise was that it looks so much better than I even imagined it would. It looks so good, my wife and I keep coming up with more things for them to do because it just makes our property look so good!"

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