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Landscape Lighting in Shreveport LA

Landscape Lighting in Shreveport LA

Landscape Lighting Shreveport LAWe all know landscape lighting brings beauty and safety to any property. However, instead of relying on cheap DIY store-bought lighting kits that break easily, you should hire a professional landscape lighting service in Shreveport LA to turn your property into a safe and gorgeous sustainable haven. Let’s discuss today what our landscape lighting experts in Shreveport LA can do for you!

What Do You Get if You Choose Our Landscape Lighting Service in Shreveport LA?

Precision Scapes LLC is a professional landscaping company offering integrated services to its residential and commercial clients. We understand that you want the best landscape lighting services for your property that resists all weather conditions without costing a fortune. We are the best team for the job if that is the case! Here is what we can do for you:

  • We install a low-voltage outdoor lighting design to complement and highlight your home;
  • Such a landscape lighting installation will also add functionality and security to your property;
  • Low-voltage lighting allows you to illuminate your landscape in a discrete, fairytale-like manner, without becoming a nuisance to neighboring homes;
  • While it illuminates all your walkways, pathways, porch, patio, and driveway, the light will be pleasant and elegant, making your home stand out as a symbol of good taste and not an 80s’ flashy disco.

Our landscape lighting services in Shreveport LA consist of:

  • A lighting system design that meets your needs;
  • Installation;
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting, and more.

Keeping your property’s charm, improving its curb appeal, enhancing its safety, while making a bold statement are our priorities.

Why Should You Work with Our Experts in Landscape Lighting in Shreveport LA?

Our experts install high-quality lighting that can endure years of use under a variety of weather conditions. Your outdoor lighting installation should pass all challenges with flying colors. Our crew can also bury any wiring and place any necessary boxes out of sight so that your landscape lighting looks flawless.

Nevertheless, here are other reasons why you should work with us:

  • We take pride in our work as we have a growing pool of satisfied customers returning for integrated and complementary landscaping;
  • Our company provides you with its tremendous experience in the field, being able to offer the latest landscape lighting designs and installation methods at affordable prices;
  • You benefit from our unique 100% satisfaction warranty that has us come back and redo the job free if you are not happy with it.

So give us a call today, ask for a free estimate, and let us deliver the best landscape lighting services in Shreveport LA!


At Precision Scapes, your satisfaction is our highest priority. We want our clients to be 100% satisfied with every project and service call that we make to their property.

To ensure this level of satisfaction, we offer a bold guarantee. If you are ever not 100% Satisfied with our work, simply contact us and we will make it right Free of Charge. That’s how sure we are that you will love the work we do.

Happy Customers

We work with clients large and small.
Whether you are a residential customer who needs a weekly lawn mowing, or a commercial client who needs regular maintenance. We have you covered!


Shirley Olivieri-Mathies

"I met William Russ, Owner of this company, at the local YMCA. ... Despite having multiple jobs in the works, he sent over a member of his crew several hours a day over the past week to help get everything done on my list. If something wasn't done as l expected, he had it redone to my satisfaction. When any of my garden tools were used, they were picked up & put back in one spot after use. I can't say enough about how thorough & helpful his crew members have been. I'd recommend them to anyone wanting quality yard/garden services."


James Moore

"Precision Scapes designed a great landscaping plan which meets our needs and is very attractive. The crew worked hard and got the work accomplished in a timely manner. They were very pleasant to work with."


Jon Karnes

"Our house looked so drab out here in the country. ... So we had Precision completely redo all the landscaping at my home based on a recommendation of a family member. They removed all the old beds and plantings. Designed all new beds that really complimented our property perfectly. Before we got started they came out and took measurements and gave me a drawing (to scale) of all the new beds and planting’s along with their estimate. They showed up when they said they would and finished when they said they would. The only surprise was that it looks so much better than I even imagined it would. It looks so good, my wife and I keep coming up with more things for them to do because it just makes our property look so good!"

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